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Beanhill Dental PracticeBeanhill Dental Practice
3.6 Stars - Based on User Reviews

Hi, I had an appt today for a filling and to have moulds done for new top dentures, anyway, my bus broke down, and then got stuck in traffic which meant I was going to be late. I have NEVER been late for a dental appt before, EVER... I tried phoning, but apparently their "phone lines were down" so I emailed them. Long story short, i was 5/10 mins late for my appt that was not my fIult and got told that I should've ran from the bus stop to the practice and that I would have to re-book. Nevermind that I had major surgery on my back 8 weeks ago and cannot run. Anyway don't bother using this practice, the reception staff are very rude and need a fair amount of retraining to be bought up to a reasonable standard!!!

james beaumontjames beaumont

I was seen at Beanhill dental practice for 2 filings, initial procedure went fine. One week afterwards however i have a gum infection and i'm in severe agony, can't get an emergency appointment, have been trying for several days, off work not eating or sleeping.

No other emergency dentist will see because its treatment i only just received from Beanhill and they are liable. Dental nurse and dentist at out of hours said that Beanhill are failing in their duty of care to me and i can sue for medical negligence.

Avoid this dentist at all cost if you care about yourself or your family member's, they are dangerous and should be shut down.

balqaysa adenbalqaysa aden

If there was an option for 0 star, that’s what I would give the practice. I was supposed to get teeth extracted for my braces. I was referred and had all the paper work. They scanned it in one week and said they’ll try to get me booked in the same week as they had several spaces. They didn’t get back to me the whole week. The staff were rude and smug. They lacked knowledge and didn’t provide me with the correct information. I called in to get an appointment for today, thinking I was getting my teeth extracted. She looked at my teeth for a couple of seconds. And said she couldn’t do them today. And maybe in 2 weeks’ time they asked the other dentist if he could, he refused. The counter lady threatened me to pay the 21.60 otherwise I’d get a fine. But the dentist didn’t even give me an examination, diagnosis and advice and I was dumb enough not to realise. I wasted my money! And time! I’m furious at the poor service provided. when I was young they gave me a silver filling without asking whether I wanted a white composite. It’s a joke. By far has the worst service and dentists. The hygienist doesn’t clean your teeth properly. If you want good service definitely to go private, the hub dental is amazing and definitely worth the money. Just because its located in a bad area doesn’t mean they should provide bad service. No apology could compensate what I’ve been through today. Now I’m getting them extracted privately.

Amy CairnsAmy Cairns

Daughter's first time going age 4 made her feel great after with a princess sticker... Also my appointment was on time and had a plan all set out... Got next appointment within a week of each... Great service

Elvis KiElvis Ki

receptionists are rude and useless , no notification of practice being closed due to 'electrical issues' - on top of that they added an extra weeks wait - great service for someone in agony.

Wlodek, the doctor is a great and knowledgeable person and I'd rate him 5 stars.

Connor PlestedConnor Plested

Would highly recommend this dentist had aditi and Rebecca the dental nurse re do my filling as fishermead dentist didn’t do a good job. I felt very relaxed and in safe hands both did an amazing job

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Mary WatsonMary Watson

Brilliant dentist the lady dentist ( sorry not sure of her name) is amazing so polite and great with my children xx

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Peach StevensPeach Stevens

No luck over the years with other practices. Called Beanhill and for registered and seen on the same day. Amazing service and lovely receptionist. Would recommend!!

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Ivies LingsIvies Lings

I attended on the 1st May 2018 and was appalled by the dentist not welcoming attitude. Not explaining much about what was going to be done or what has been done. I was left lying on the coach after doing the filling which I felt there was a need for more treatment like root canal because of the condition of my tooth ( massive hole after an old filling came out and sensitivity and intense pain) He just faced the other direction to do his records without telling me whether he has finished or not. He only spoke when I was leaving and told me not to eat for 2 hours. I had to go there again on the 11th May as I was getting tired of taking painkillers following the filling as the pain would not go away. He just put something like gel which took seconds and told me to come back again when there's a problem with that tooth. I have lost confidence in the dentist as of today I am still taking painkillers and I cannot use the side for chewing at all. Please people THINK TWICE BEFORE GOING THERE. I'M FRUSTRATED

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Joe PlummerJoe Plummer
Naomi HolmesNaomi Holmes