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Beanhill Dental PracticeBeanhill Dental Practice
3.6 Stars - Based on User Reviews
John ClarkeJohn Clarke

Staff are friendly and make you fell very relaxed especially the reception staff. Having had intensive work done my dentist was always happy to see me at short notice to speak about any concerns I had after the treatment. After years of going to another dentist who I was always reluctant to go to due to the attitude of the staff and dentists themselves, after attending this one my faith was restored and I felt that they wanted the best for me and continue to do so. Excellent !!!!

lauren hodgsonlauren hodgson

Brilliant service every time! Very professional and friendly staff! Highly recommend!

Gianina GianinaGianina Gianina

The worst ever, i was today to fill a teeth. After 5 hours I start loosing all filings, my teeth started to braking on halfs, DON'T GO THERE!! where i can make a complain?

anna zabikanna zabik

The worst ever. When you going to dentist you do trust them that they will not let you down and they will fix your teeth. Unfortunately this is not the case over here. After my pregnancy I went to this dentist to have my teeth done. As some of you know in pregnancy your teeth are in bad place. So I went- everything ok until the whole treatment finished. After few months I start loosing the filings, my teeth started to braking on halfs. And had huge infection due to putting the filing into a teeth that needed more treatment. Because of that I lost already 3 teeth. And this is not finished. Please if you want to be healthy and have the right treatment- DON'T GO THERE!!


Avoid at all costs. Twice now they have cancelled appointments now and only inform me once I've booked the morning off work and actually turn up only to be sent away again. Receptionists are rude, incompetent and completely unhelpful. The one time I've actually managed to get in for a check up and I was in and out the door within a minute.

Save yourself some stress and find somewhere else!

Joe PlummerJoe Plummer